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Coeur Fou
Le Coeur Fou


1h 30min   |   French

Written by Axel Courtière in collaboration with Anne-Claire Jaulin Laurie Bost, Yacine Badday and Sylvie Verheyde

Director : Axel Courtière


Every evening at nightfall, Marius –in his 30s and mute-- comes to see his mother before she goes on stage at the cabaret where they live and work. Despite being in her sixties, Simone remains the diva of the Crazy Heart, the cabaret of this small port town. She performs as a seductive siren for passing sailors.
But the arrival of Josephine, a mysterious young woman who has come to replace the barmaid, soon turns this little world upside down: Josephine secretly dreams of singing, and Marius, for his part, seems to be rather charmed by her…

Le Coeur Fou

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