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Etincelle, la malédiction de l'Opale Noire

Release: February 2023

15min |   French

Written by Romain Quirot et Antoine Jaunin

Director : Romain Quirot  and François-Xavier Aubague

Co-produced by 5 Motion

Live - Animation

Alice, a young woman guide in the museum of forgotten French superheroes. After stealing a costume with real superpowers - and "incidentally" freeing a power-hungry villain - Alice will have to do everything to fix her clumsiness. Inspired by comics & manga, full of humor and spectacular effects, Super-heroes plunges the viewer into a frantic chase through Paris, from Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower.

With : 

Lya Oussadit Lessert

Calixte Broisin Doutaz

Richard Darbois

Franc Bruneau 

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